What Tools Can Help Protect my Computer?

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Security Tools


Keep hackers and criminals out of your computer by activating your built-in firewall or downloading a firewall for your computer. Firewall software will allow you to surf the Internet and download content you want, but it will also prevent hackers from getting into your computer. Learn how to activate your built-in firewall or choose from a range of firewalls ready to download. Learn more.

Antivirus Software

Even the most e-mail-savvy user can't stop every virus from entering their computer. Anti-virus software, when it is kept up-to-date, can stop most viruses from causing damage to your computer and other computers. Most anti-virus software can be downloaded from the Internet. Check our database for a list of anti-virus products. Learn more.

E-mail Filters

Many viruses are passed via e-mail. To cut down on the amount of unwanted and unknown e-mail that fills your inbox, use e-mail filters. Many e-mail clients have filters built-in to the program. Learn more.

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