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Security Tips

Whether you use dial-up or high-speed Internet access, you could be vulnerable to hackers or viruses. Below are tips to help ensure online security.

  • Always Use Anti-Virus Software - And keep the software up-to-date. Over 500 new viruses are discovered each month. You are not just protecting yourself when using virus software, but also others you communicate with. Learn more about virus protection.
  • Always Use a Firewall - A firewall is an "internal lock" for information on your computer. Many computer operating systems already have firewalls installed, you just have to turn them on. There are many other firewalls available to download or buy that help you secure your computer. Learn more about firewalls.
  • Learn the risks and rules associated with sharing files or your Internet connection - You can be exposed to danger via e-mail, file-sharing, a broadband connection or a Wi-Fi connection. Learn more about "sharing".
  • Use an SSL secure connection for transactions involving the sharing of sensitive personal information: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology encrypts transactions by creating a secure tunnel between your computer and the Web site server. Before you type in your credit card or sensitive information, be sure to look for indicators that the site is encrypted.
  • Password Protect Your Computer
  • Use unique passwords - And don't share your passwords with anyone. Learn more.
  • Be in Control of Your Software - The software and operating system on your computer have many security features, many you may not use. Learn how to automatically update your operating systems with security patches, to activate firewalls and to turn off any extraneous options that leave your computer vulnerable. Learn more.
  • Use Tools to Enhance Your Protection - Learn about tools that can help to protect you from viruses and hackers.
  • Take Action Immediately - If you think you have been hacked or infected by a virus contact your ISP. Learn more.

Additional Security Resources

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