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  • Larry Magid on "the Risks of Cyber-Space"
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  • Larry Magid on "Security"
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Accessing the Internet through a broadband or high speed Internet connection at home really enhances the online experience. However, broadband users should take extra precautions to secure their computer and their computer files. The speed at which information can be transferred to and from your computer and the fact that it stays connected to the Internet for long periods of time makes your it a more likely target for hackers than dial-up Internet users. By taking some basic precautions and using a few simple tools, you can do your part to protect cyberspace from hackers. At the same time, you'll also protect your computer and your information from theft, misuse and destruction. Follow the below Tips, use the Tools, and, when necessary, Take Action. To the left, learn about the risks to you and the threats to cyber space.


Learn some basic tips to protect yourself and the network from hackers, thieves and cyber-terrorists. Tips include using tools like firewalls and anti-virus software, being in control of your software, knowing when to update and learning the risks and rules associatied with sharing files or your Internet connection.


Use tools to fight back and protect your computer and your information. Some easy-to-use tools are firewall programs, anti-virus software and e-mail filters. Some are free, and some may already be located on your computer, ready to be activated.

Take ActionTake Action

If your computer or your information has been violated, learn how to take immediate steps to prevent further harm to your computer, your information and everyone else on the Internet. Taking action to immediately disconnect from the Internet and reporting incidents to your ISP will keep the Internet safer for everyone. Do not forget to teach your children how to protect the Internet from hackers, too.

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